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What is Mercer Viewpoint?

  • A high level qualitative review of a fund, based on a manager’s response to a questionnaire
  • The questionnaire covers the Mercer four factors – Idea Generation, Portfolio Construction, Implementation, and Business Management
  • Questionnaires are scored based on pre-defined criteria
  • Designations signify the level of issues and risks identified, categorizing the strategy as warranting merit, observation or caution. See example below:


Diagnostic breakdown

It is suitable for clients who:

  • Have a large numbers of funds
  • Require a base level of investment due diligence
  • Require frequent reviews of large numbers of funds
  • Are seeking to rationalise large fund ranges
  • Have limited due diligence resources
  • Are looking for more involved screens than performance analysis provides.

How can it help you?

  • The output from the process is the assignment of warranting merit, observation or caution
  • It is assigned to each of the four factors as well as to the fund
  • Indicates the level of potential issues which have been identified with the fund
  • Aids in prioritising funds for deeper due diligence
  • Can be used to rationalise fund ranges (e.g. funds which are unlikely to be highly rated following deeper due diligence can be removed with some rationale for doing so)
  • Cost effective and time efficient screening for high volumes of strategies
  • Warrants merit does not indicate a recommendation by Mercer, simply that the number of issues and risks identified is low
  • The designation is not an indication of the likelihood of outperformance.

Four factor framework underpins our research

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