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Advisory Solutions

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Advisory Solutions


Mercer Investments has significant scale advantages with more than 1,200 investment professionals in 48 offices worldwide and more than 100 specialist manager researchers. We advise on a total of US$6.7 trillion in assets. Our scale and global footprint translate to real benefits to our clients.

  • Setting investment objectives and constructing robust model portfolios by developing appropriate benchmarks as well as measuring and mitigating downside risk.

  • Establishing risk profile questionnaires and corresponding model portfolios for all asset classes.

  • Mercer Vantage Point provides a qualitative screen for large numbers of funds that need to be consolidated and we can also provide High Volume Monitoring of funds.

  • In depth analysis of money management, custodians, counterparty risk and transaction costs as well as operational risk assessments by our specialist unit, Mercer Sentinel1.

  • Advice on strategic asset allocations, customized for various risk profiles and different segments within a firm’s client base.

  • Manager and fund selection and blending managers to achieve specific objectives.

  • Advice on emerging investment opportunities and themes.

  • Monitoring of asset allocations, managers and model portfolios and delivery of significant manager news and market valuations views.

  • Participation in investment committee meetings and professional development sessions.

  • Production of investment-related material for advisors that can be incorporated into their client communications. These include investment-specific notes, such as short fund profiles, educational articles, technical white papers and thought pieces on topical investment issues.

  • Advisor training

Footnote 1
Mercer Sentinel is dedicated to consulting on issues such as custody, transition management, trading and brokerage, commission recapture and middle- and back-office operations of investment managers.

Delegated Solutions

Delegate depending on your budget, time constraints, resources and skills; we can help you whatever your needs, however you choose. Mercer Investments currently has US$115.5bn2 in assets under management.

Some clients look to Mercer not just for advice but also to implement our investment ideas on their behalf. Solutions range from the construction of a single asset class to diversified portfolios to full implementation of a long-term strategic plan.

Footnote 2
Figures correct as of 31 December 2014.

Fiduciary management

Outsourcing investment activities through our Implemented Investment Solutions enables you to focus more on achieving your long-term strategic objectives. The benefits of delegating your day-to-day investment decision-making and execution to Mercer include performance monitoring, improved efficiency, robust governance, operational cost savings, risk management and the framework to exploit market opportunities as they arise.

Joint investment solutions

Our wealth management team can also work with clients who choose to have deeper involvement and a higher degree of influence on investment objectives and manager structure.

Mercer Investments can help you create model portfolios, help in product development to create bespoke funds, structure multi-manager funds and access niche alternative asset classes.

Research and tools

Mercer Investments helps you spend less time on research and has the tools you need so that you can spend more time providing better products and building relationships.

We have more than 100 research-dedicated professionals around the world. We look beyond just performance numbers and go deep into the understanding of investment managers’ discipline and value offering. Our research is forward looking and qualitative.

Our manager research views continually evolve to identify and assess changes in a strategy’s key people, processes and implementation. This allows for timely responses to changes that impact clients and their portfolios

Mercer Vantage Point can be used Where full in-depth manager research is not required. This approach uses the same intellectual capital that underpins our four factor framework, but delivers it to investment managers in a visual summary format. It provides a base-level view of a fund and can help to prioritize funds for deeper due diligence, if required. High-volume monitoring (HVM) follows the same approach to identify material changes in an investment team, strategy, or the firm and can be conducted on a monthly basis for clients.

Mercer Investments also offers a range of information technology solutions to streamline processes and enhance the productivity of wealth managers.

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