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Mercer Manager Analysis Portal

An exclusive offering which combines a truly competitive retail data analytics tool with Mercer’s forward looking research.

This tool is ideal for the sophisticated central fund/manager selection teams to analyze, screen and chart qualitative and quantitative information.

The single platform enables the organization to streamline all their selection and monitoring processes.

Key benefits

  • Access to all of Mercer’s qualitative research relating to retail funds.

  • Access to quantitative Financial Express (FE) Crown Fund Ratings.

  • Full complement of sector averages and market indices.

  • Automatic daily data updates.

  • Cloud based technology - enabling access anywhere, anytime.

  • No installation or maintenance required.
  • Wide range of interactive features, such as email alerts, graphing tools, factsheets, list builders and modeling tools.

  • Ability to dynamically link fund data to reports and factsheets.

  • Highly professional reporting and presentation outputs.

  • Genuine ease of use despite its acknowledged depth and sophistication.

  • Full-time support provided by a highly knowledgeable dedicated helpdesks.

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